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Face Off: Game Face S1/E7


Scott, graphic designer with four kids, self-taught.

Marie, won a makeup competition in Toronto.

Jonathan, does makeup for student films in Salt Lake City.

Angie, does makeup tutorials online.

So this is different, all of the other episodes have had contestants that we already know from Face Off, but these are randos.

Judges are Ve, Erin and Rick Baker. Because it’s just not possible not to call Rick Baker by his full name.

Round one: aliens visited cave men and the proof is in the cave paintings, show us those aliens.

Scott wants to do bright makeup with a snake, he digs through the prosthetics, finds one, and then leaves without putting anything back. Really, Scott? I don’t think your mother is here to clean up after you.

Marie finds a furrowed brow, she’s making the model into a cave man.

Jonathan is covering his model with a million prosthetics, he’s going to have edges.

Angie wants flowing pieces.

The judges are confused with what Marie is doing, because the challenge was the alien who visited the cavemen, not the cavemen, also she is overlapping her pieces, which is going to make the edges impossible.

Jonathan intends to blow everyone’s minds, he says that he isn’t cocky, in a super cocky manner. The judges are muttering at each other that his time management is for shit if he thinks he can make a full mask out of pieces. They are more impressed with Angie just using one piece.

Scott is tying his color scheme into the costume, but it’s darker than he meant it to be, Marie’s is getting muddy, Jonathan’s is blue and he says he wants Rick Baker to say that it would look awesome in the new Men in Black movie. He won’t say that. Scott’s is getting worse as he’s trying to fix it.

There are only 30 minutes left and Angie’s only starting painting, and the judges notice a big buckle on the face piece. Jonathan is finding clothing at the last second.

Something else different about this episode is that the judges check the makeups without the contestants being present.

They like Scott’s, Rick Baker especially likes that the wig is basically his exact hair. They are impressed that Marie actually was able to blend her edges, but they don’t like the costume, the headdress or the painting.  They actually like a Jonathan’s “mask out of a million pieces” idea, but not the painting. They love Angie’s.

Now they are asking questions of the contestants, they tell Marie that she may have gotten the challenge wrong, and Rick Baker, the world’s nicest man, says that her makeup is a rusty Frankenstein on his way to Mardi Gras. If your makeup makes Rick Baker say something like that, you are getting cut.

Scott calls Rick Baker by his full name, because he agrees that it’s impossible not to. Ve asks why he messed up his nice makeup when he had so much time, he said he choked.

They ask Angie why she didn’t fix the edge on the brow piece, she says she didn’t see it and that it was fine when she first put it down. Ve says there is no way on God’s green earth that that piece didn’t have buckle in it from the start. They are really tough in this version of the show!

Rick Baker tells Jonathan that he thought he was crazy at first, but it turned out great. So I guess that the cocky one has a reason to be cocky after all!

Next Thing That is Different From How They Usually Do Things Around Here is that, instead of just saying who goes home, they name who is going forward and stretch it out. Why is everything so different? Aha! According to one of my favourite podcasts, The Villain Edit, this was the pilot and they changed everything afterwards. Okay, I thought I had gone mad.

Marie is eliminated, of course.

Round two: design the mask of a masked serial killer inspired by their tragic backstory, also their horrific faces beneath.

Angie’s character was kidnapped by a voodoo priest, Scott’s was part of a satanic cult, Jonathan’s was trampled by an audience. There’s a lot less to work with on that last one, but he vacu-forms something to look like carnival glass. What the hell is carnival glass? Thanks, google.

Angie has never made a mask before, she’s making it with silicone goop on her model’s life cast.

Scott has horrible bald cap edge issues, the judges mutter that he can fix it with blood. Angie is emphasizing her edges with her painting, Ve says it’s going to get muddy. Scott is airbrushing spectacular wounds and veins in order to show the judges that he really can paint and they were right to keep him around.

Jonathan realizes that he hasn’t done a thing in two hours but the mask, and there’s a great shot of the model, without a thing done to his face in any way, looking bored to death. Ve says it’s going to be quite a simple makeup! He starts blobbing his face with the silicone that Angie used for her mask. Scott has the opposite problem in that he has been working on the face for two hours and hasn’t started the mask. He quickly cuts something out and paints it black. Angie starts trying to glue strings onto her mask. Rick Baker asks Ve if Angie is trying to hot glue onto silicone that nothing sticks to?

Judging. Jonathan has practically no makeup at all on his dude, and his mask is on a stick. Rick Baker opines that it will be difficult to serial kill while holding a mask on a stick. Angie’s model’s makeup is coming off on the mask. The judges like the voodoo doll pins sticking out of her. They think that Scott’s looks better up close but that his wounds might be in the wrong spot.

They ask Jonathan why his makeup is hidden, he lies through his teeth that the wig wasn’t secured and it moved, but everyone knows it’s because there was barely any makeup there. Ve says that the fact that he spent all his time on his mask was to his detriment. They tell Angie that her mask worked better than they thought it would. They ask Scott what the hell he was thinking with all those wounds, he said it was because of the terrible bald cap edges. Rick Baker says that the wig pretty much hid them and he didn’t have to do all that. Erin said he got the brain nice and shiny. Jonathan is eliminated. I typed that before it was announced, that’s how obvious it was. I was right.

Round three: superheroes and super villains with opposite traits. Two characters in four hours with no help? Holy cats.

Scott is doing fire and ice, the hero is Ice, the villainess is Brimstone.

Angie is doing light and dark, so she’s really going out on a limb.

Scott puts a fake cleft chin and some weird cheek pieces on Ice, then paints him blue. He’s putting horns on Brimstone.

Angie is spending a lot of time on her villain’s edges, because she doesn’t want to go through that again.

Scott covers his hero with ice crystals and puts on a white wig.

Angie paints her heroine white and her villain grey. She puts a terrible brown wig on the villain and all of the judges hate it.

They like both of the makeups, but they seem to like Angie’s more. Rick Baker really hates the pieces on the face of Scott’s hero that make no anatomical sense.

Angie wins, of course. Good for you, little YouTube makeup girl!

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