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The Voice S13/E9

The Battles Part 3

Brandon v Jon, “I Wish it Would Rain,” Team Adam. This is a song by The Temptations, Joe Jonas says not to get all hung up on the original version, since a lot of new, young ears would be listening, who hadn’t heard the song before. Also, these old ears, because I listened to the oldies station for decades and I don’t know the song. They tell Jon not to kill the song. A reasonable request. After a bit, they start really blending beautifully, but also showing what they can do. The battle begins and they are very well matched, but Jon is the performer between them, no shock because Jon is a corporate singer and Brandon makes songs in his basement, so he has way more practice in front of an audience. Also, he has these crazy high notes that are higher than anything I can sing and I am a female soprano person. Blake thinks that Jon is a once in a lifetime voice, and he’s pick him, Jennifer and Miley can’t choose. I don’t know what they are talking about Jon sang Brandon out of the water. Adam said that Brandon sang the song more in the style of the song and Jon sang the song in his own style. It doesn’t matter how much they build Brandon up, who is good, don’t get me wrong, Jon is too special. No steal.

Target commercial with Sundance, last year’s winner. Seriously, Target, you’re not helping.

Red v Ryan, “Fishin’ in the Dark,” Team Blake. Red is one of my backups, love that dude. He says he’s country as cornbread again. Red is a traditional country singer, Ryan is more of a new-style country singer. Thing that is better: traditional country singer. Rascal Flatts tell Ryan to open his mouth more and not do the same run at the end of every single line and also don’t get behind the beat. They aren’t telling Red anything, because Red is perfect, and also country as cornbread, if you hadn’t heard. Blake says that the one that will win will be the one who makes the song his own. Which is Red. No point in even doing the battle, except that I want to hear him do it. I mean them. Yeah, them. Actually, the battle has begun, and they really are good together! I prefer when Red is singing lead and Ryan is singing backup, but they really both are killing it. But Red is killing it because he is awesome, Ryan is killing it because Rascal Flatts was pushing him uphill like Sisyfus. Jennifer says that Red is her type of guy all the way, Miley says that Ryan is who country music is now. Blake chooses Red and doesn’t even try to build up the suspense, we all knew it was coming. No steal.

Addison v Karli, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” Team Miley. Addison and Karli are both on my team, but Addison is one of my four faves, so I have to root for her, and then hope that Karli gets stolen. Or the other way, I don’t really care. I just want them to both stay. They are doing a slow, soulful version which is have a feeling will make everyone fall over in a puddle of goo and it’ll be impossible to choose. And the battle begins and they lay. Everyone. Out. Adam is jumping up and down because whomever Miley chooses, he will steal the other one! Both Jennifer and Blake are leaning slightly towards Addison, but everyone loved Karli, too. And Miley chooses Karli! There was no bad decision. And both Adam and Jennifer push their buttons to steal Addison. Jennifer goes in hard, but Adam and Miley had fought over her in the blinds so he has a bit of head start on getting her. Jennifer is pulling out the old “I’ve been on a show like this and have gone on the same journey!” but it didn’t work, Adam got her. Yay Addison and Karli!


Anna Catherine v Kristi, “Independence Day,” Team Blake, Anna Catherine wins.

Alexandra v Jeremiah, “One Call Away,” Team Jennifer, Jeremiah wins.

Emily v Gary, “Send My Love (To Your New Lover), Team Adam, Emily wins. I wish we had heard this whole song because it sounded super good.

Shi’ann v Stephan, “Oh, Darlin’,” Team Jennifer. Stephan is on my team, Shi’ann is one of my backups, so I’m good with whomever wins.  Shi’ann sang one line with eleven runs. Calm down, girl, let us hear a little bit of the actual song. Jennifer tells her that she did the same run twice and to give her some levels. She didn’t tell her to stay on the same note for longer than a quarter of a second. She tells Stephan to feel it more, if the line is “I broke down and died,” it can’t sound all pretty, your voice needs to reflect this sentiment. The battle begins, and Shi’ann is actually singing the real melody as written, Stephan starts to sing the shit out of his bit, then they both got nuts trying to outdo each other, but you could still recognize the song, and man, I don’t know who she’ll choose. Adam would choose Stephan, so would Miley, Blake would choose Shi’ann and thinks she could win the show. Jennifer is torn, but she goes with Shi’ann. She is sobbing in her backstage interview, and her dad joins her and is crying just as much. Jennifer and Stephan are saying their goodbyes, and boom! Miley steals him even though he’s a guy and her Her-storical All Woman Team is now ruined, ruined, but yay Stephan!

Anthony v Michael “I Feel It Coming,” Team Adam. Adam tells Anthony to stay on the beat and Joe Jonas tells Michael to breathe. Michael is stronger and more confident while singing, but Anthony has a very special voice. If he can stay on the beat, he’ll win it. The battle begins. Anthony starts and he sounds great but has no stage presence, then Michael  sings and is like, “Let me show you how it’s done, son.” Those pretty high notes of Anthony’s might not do it for him. Blake said he heard pitch issues with Anthony during the performance, and Michael seemed like he was home on stage. Miley would choose Anthony. Adam talks back and forth for awhile, then choose Anthony. No steal.

Miley and Billy Ray sing “Sweet Home Alabama” together in the rehearsal room. Very sweet.

Janice v Katrina, “W.O.M.A.N,,” Team Miley. Janice is on my team, she was amazing in the blinds. Get it done, Janice. They are both terrific, but sorry, Katrina, Janice is a steamroller, baby. Janice says that Katrina is a lightning bolt and she’s singing in the key of heaven. This is true, but you gotta crush her, Janice! Miley tells them that in some of the other battles the problem is that people sing together so closely that it’s hard to hear them individually, so to find their own space in the song. And then they both go out and they are on. Fire. This is definitely one of the best battles, because they are both together and individuals. I think I might actually pick Katrina.  But just by a whisker. Miley chooses Janice, and I’m not mad. And then, Blake hugs Katrina goodbye, she turns to hug Jennifer and instead, Jennifer pushes that button and steals her!

One more night of battles to go, and Blake is the only one with a steal left.

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