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The Voice S13/E10

The Battle rounds Pt. 4

Adam v Natalie, “Boondocks,” Team Blake. Natalie has sung backup and played fiddle for Rascal Flatts, and now they are mentoring her! Adam is one of my backup artists, so I might be rooting for him, but I do love a fiddle player. God, their voices blend together amazingly. They could be the next Civil Wars. Adam is playing the guitar, and Natalie was going to be playing the fiddle, but it was taking away from her singing, so she’s not. Rascal Flatts #1 guy says that Adam give the best hugs, that his forearm lays right in the fat crease in his back. I do love these guys. The battle begins. I don’t thing Natalie is as good as in rehearsal. I’d vote for Adam. Jennifer likes Adam’s presence, she’d choose him. Miley and Coach Adam like them both. Blake is annoyed that none of the rest of the coaches have steals. He ends up choosing Adam. 

Eric v Ignatious, “Unaware,” Team Jennifer. They both have beautiful voices, but I’m really tired and can’t think of anything to say. For me, Eric is over singing a little, I might go with Ignatious. The battle begins, and yes, I’m all Ignatious. Miley can’t choose, Adam chooses Ignatious, Blake chooses Eric, so this isn’t any help to Jennifer. She chooses by who was most confident, which was Eric. No steal.  

Blake says he only has one steal left and he’s being extremely picky. Well, there is only one matchup left, so I’ll bet I can guess who he’ll choose! 

Ashland v Megan, “Good Hearted Woman,” Team Miley. Megan is my last team member, so go Megan, but if she loses she’ll end up on Blake’s Team, so we’re good! Second day of rehearsal, Megan is wearing her lucky Amish hat again! They sing it again, all four of them, the girls and the Cyruses, very sweet. The battle begins, and they both are doing really nicely, but I wouldn’t know who to vote for! Adam says it’s the best battle round they ever had, does he not remember yesterday? Jennifer would choose Ashland. And so does Miley, which means that Blake steals Megan. Eventually. What’s with that pause? I know, I know, they don’t play these in the order that they record them, but it was a kind of a silly attempt at building tension in the moment. 

And next week, The Knockouts!

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