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Face Off: Game Face S1/E6


Darla - winner of S8, which I must not have seen, because she doesn’t look familiar

Cig - winner of S11, love Cig!

Rashaad - winner of S6, don’t know him, either.

Nicole - winner of S3, also I don’t know her.

So basically, it’s Cig and a bunch of strangers, all champions, but I believe Cig will win because I know how sooper awesome he is and have no idea how sooper awesome the other three are.

Judges are Ve, Glenn, and Rick, I think this is the first time Glenn has judged.

Round one is a ghostly Pirates of the Caribbean look. They each start with a box with a scroll that tells how he died, and their models come out in costume, so that’s good because when they have like ten minutes to create makeups and they also have to dress them, it seems a little cruel.

Nicole’s pirate drowned and she jumps around happily, Rashaad’s pirate was hanged, Cig’s was left to rot on a deserted island, Darla’s was shot with a cannonball. All of them are using tons of appliances.

Ve did the makeup for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and the judges chat in a pointed manner about how makeup helps the actor and cgi is a bunch of bullshit. I agree, guys! The thing that I hated about the Beauty and the Beast live-action film is why couldn’t they have used makeup on the Beast instead of cgi? It was just all wrong having his face be animated.

Cig is having problems with his paint, he did purple as an undertone, but, as Glenn remarks, that’s not an undertone, that’s just purple. Don’t fail me, Cig, like George did the other week. I was sure he would win because he is George and George is the awesome, but he went out first. Don’t let his partner in crime do the same thing!

Nicole sculpts barnacles that totally look like tiny vaginas, but Rick points out that the wig will cover them. Glenn points out that Rashaad and Cig are in a race to the bottom with their paint schemes.

In the reveal, I’d say Nicole’s is the best, if for no other reason that it’s not purple.

Rashaad’s pirate doesn’t look hung, he just has a rope, Glenn points out there should be ligature marks. Rick doesn’t think Nicole’s looks like he was drowned. Ve wishes that Darla had put some of the facial makeup on his collarbone, where the cannonball is. They don’t think that Cig’s pirate looks like he starved to death.

The first one out is Cig! So the Cig and George curse continues.

Round two is legends of lost worlds. They are making the rulers of lost worlds based on weapons that they choose.

Rashaad is doing Iram, the kingdom of the Djinn, Darla is doing Atlantis, so a fish creature, Nicole gets Agartha, the kingdom of the centre of the earth. She is thrown by the fact that she gets a male model, as she immediately planned a female, and thus she dove headfirst into the weeds.

Darla accidentally grabs two face pieces that belong on the same side and thus her fish queen has an asymmetrical face and all is ashes, ashes.

Nicole finds a cowl that doesn’t fit her model, so she puts a bald cap on him. And then she doesn’t know what to do again. Finally she finds a prosthetic and some fake jewels. So that’s something. But not much.

Darla has to do a lot of body paint.

Rashaad is doing more damn purple.

Nicole still hasn’t started painting.

Darla has so much body to do that she has no time to do a beauty makeup.

Nicole has stepped into a pile of luck, because with not knowing what to do for like 2/3rd of the time, it turned out amazing. Also, she has a man covered in armor so she was the only one who didn’t have to do a ton-ass of body paint.

Rashaad’s djinn literally looks like she bathed in a tank of purple Kool-Ade. Absolutely awful. Rick doesn’t like the wig and thinks that the makeup should be three shades lighter.

Darla’s fish queen looks amazing. The judges are all very impressed that she managed to do so many appliances in such a short time and all the edges were hidden beautifully.

The judges all really like Nicole’s guy, too. I think we know who is going home this round.

Yup, it’s Rashaad. No real shock there. So it’s an all-female final!

Round three is a Star Wars bounty hunter challenge. They have a wheel to spin to pick the planet that their bounty hunter is from. Darla gets Eadu, whatever that is, and Nicole gets Tatooine.

They grab prosthetics, and none of the ones that Darla gets fits her small-faced model, so she has to try again.

Nicole picks hers right the first time because she has a big-headed dude. She paints and paints while the judges notice that she hasn’t blended the face piece to the cowl, which are very different texture.

Darla is painting her model so dark, but at least it’s not purple.

Nicole is having to do her model’s hands in the complex paint that she did on the face.

They both look good, but Nicole used pre-made pieces and didn’t change anything, Darla took several different pieces and created a character. Therefor, Darla should win. This is what I say. Do the judges agree with me?

They do! Clearly, I am as knowledgeable as the judges and should be on the show.

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