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The Voice S13/E4

The Blind Auditions Part 4

Gotta catch up before tonight!

Blake pretends he has Adam Sucks tattooed on his knuckles.

Anthony, Redbone. 17 years old, his dad is a camera operator who used to work on The Voice, but he has never met the coaches, so it’s not like he has an in. Except that he does, because he’s first, so we know he’s getting chosen. He is super adorbs. He’s a falsetto singer, so Adam has a good chance at him, and in fact, he turns first. Jennifer and Miley turn next, and Miley turns to Jennifer and Adam to tell them how good he is, which is very good. When he’s done singing, the other three coaches all berate Blake for not turning, and he says he didn’t want to be humiliated. Jennifer says he sounds like Prince, Miley says she was a singer at 17, which is her only go to with the young singers, Adam says he can help his falsetto. He fakes out Jennifer, and picks Adam.

Sophia, Invincible. 18 years old, messes up her intro really cutely about five times, played for Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley once, and Gene Simmons sent her a “go for it” video, which is always cute. No certain why nobody’s turning, as she is great, but finally Blake and Miley turn at the last second. I don’t think Miley has ever once turned around first. Get some decisiveness, Miley! She says that Blake would be a cool dad, Adam is overwhelmed with joy that she called him that and not a coach. He admits that he probably is her dad, which is funny, because she started out the video package by saying that she never knew her dad, so who knows? She chooses Miley.

Jessica, Imagine. No, honey. Don’t sing Imagine. From India, only found out she was undocumented when she was 16, her parents used to be musicians, but they stopped when they came here, so she wants to sing for them. She has an unusual voice, but seriously, nobody sing Imagine, it’s such an old saw, and doesn’t have enough you can do with your voice. Nobody turns, but they are all sort of generally enjoying listening to it. Miley tells her that she didn’t hear enough of her voice. Adam says to come back with a more energetic song.

Adam makes a terrible paper airplane.

Karli, You’re So Vain. Music major in college, classical pianist (too bad Alicia isn’t on the show this year). Adam and Miley hit their buzzers after the first line, Miley’s up and dancing, Adam is mouthing along. Adam says she can go all the way, Miley tells her that she want her to make a mark in “her-story.” No, Miley. Pick Adam, if only for that reason. No, she chose Miley.

Stephan, Take Me to Church. Alternative soul artist, parents from Guyana, studied child psychology, but decided to do music. Starts badly due to nerves, but recovers quickly and Jennifer turns. She says that she turned because it had happened to her once, forgetting all of the words, but she continued anyway, as did he. He has a stunning voice, so I’m so glad that she turned for him. Go Stephan!

Emily, Summertime. Started in musical theatre as a child, sang backup for Dionne Warwick, she had a record contract but they wanted her to change her hair, skin and teeth, so she moved back to Rhode Island. She’s glad they will judge her just on her voice. This is hilarious, because she is gorgeous. Blake turns, then Adam and Jennifer on the last note. Adam says that he was so mesmerized that he almost forgot to turn around. Jennifer says she can sing anything, show tunes, or jazz, Blake calls her sis, which is the big guns. They all say that there is no voice like her on the show. I think she should take Blake because he turned first, but she goes with Adam, who is thrilled because he has all dudes on his team.

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