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The Voice S13/E14

The Knockouts Part 3

Okay, the last round of Knockouts! According to the app I’m supposed to pare my team down to three in a couple of days, and I don’t know how I will do that. I mean, it’ll be easy if Chris doesn’t go through, then I’ll have Davon, Addison and Noah and that’ll be fine, but it is frankly impossible to imagine Chris not going through.

And the first pairing, speak of the devil, is Chris v Katrina, Team Jennifer. You’re good, Katrina, but you aren’t beating Chris. O my God, and he’s singing “I Put a Spell on You,” Katrina, just go home now. Not dissing you, Katrina, you’re great. Jennifer tells him to emphasize his bottom notes, Kelly tells him not to use his power all the time, not using it is also powerful. And Jennifer strengthens his ending. Katrina - “Zombie,” they are pulling her back from too much theatricality. Jennifer says it will be a difficult decision. It will not be a difficult decision. Chris blows the roof off the joint, and Katrina has to follow that. The fact that Zombie starts so softly is a great thing, as it separates her from Chris, then she really, really kills it. Unfortunately, nobody has a steal left but Jennifer, so she can’t be stolen. Miley says that it would be hard for Jennifer to get rid of Chris, Adam says that Chris is a laser beam and Katrina is a flamethrower. Blake said he wouldn’t change a thing. Jennifer chooses Chris, because nothing else was possible.

Megan v Red, Team Blake. Red is my last team member, Megan is my last backup. Megan - “Smoke Break.” Kelly wants her to be bigger and more emotional at the end, Blake wants her to enunciate. Red - “Outskirts of Heaven.” Red, formerly was country as cornbread, now he’s country as a wheelbarrow full of turnip greens. This isn’t as big a song, vocally, as Megan’s, I hope he can compete. Megan is stomping the stage in her boots and her short, fringed skirt, and she is great. Red stands behind the mic with his guitar and he just kills it without theatrics or huge, fancy notes. It’s tight, but I’d go with Red and his warm sincerity. Adam doesn’t choose, Miley would choose Red, Jennifer doesn’t choose, but complimented Red fulsomely. Blake says that Megan seemed tentative at first, but stepped up. He chooses Red. Red is as happy as a little pig in the sunshine.

Anthony v Hannah, Team Blake. Last Knockout! Anthony - “Mercy.” He wants to do more than falsetto this time. They tell him to go up half a step, that he’s not pushing himself enough. Hannah - “Love on the Brain.” They tell her not to do everything that she can do in detriment to the meaning of the song. I’m not that impressed with Anthony, I don’t think this is a great song choice. Hannah is singing a lot. I have no idea why they kept this as the last match of the Knockouts, except that Jennifer has the only steal left, and obviously she is using it now. Blake would choose Hannah, Jennifer is a tie, Miley doesn’t choose. For some reason Adam chooses Anthony, because he is a raw, untouched diamond. Sure he is. And then Jennifer steals Hannah.

And on to the Playoffs!

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