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The Voice S13/E15

The Playoffs Pt. 1

Alright, it’s the Playoffs, teams are going down to three. Three of my four faves are on Team Jennifer, I really hope she chooses my three or I will be very sad.

My Davon is first. He’s singing “I’m Changing,” which is one of Jennifer’s songs from Dreamgirls. Of course, he is amazing. She cannot get rid of Davon. He is such a star. Adam says that if someone told him that he would have to sing that song tomorrow, he would run and hide. Everyone kind of shrugs at him because it’s so obvious he’s going to the lives.

Hannah, Jennifer’s Knockout steal, whom I hope is enjoying her last appearance on the show, is next. She is singing “Learn to Let Go.” Jennifer says she hears notes, not interpretation. She does pretty well in the performance, and everyone tells her she was amazing, but sorry, Hannah.

Lucas, whom I love, is Jennifer’s comeback artist, and she surprises him in his exit interview with the news. She gives him a Prince song, “The Beautiful Ones,” and he shreds it. It’s funny, I felt like Hannah was desperate and oversinging, but Lucas, who peels the paint off the walls and basically rolled on the ground like he was on fire, didn’t feel like he was doing too much. Here the thing, though, if she chooses Davon, Chris and Lucas, they are all big-voices male soul singers, and it’s too much alike. So I can’t root for him, no matter how much I want to.

Shi’an is next, and she’s doing “Tattooed Heart.” Jennifer wants to hear her and not Arianna Grande. I like her, but I wish she could stay on a note. Is that a sample from Little Shop in this song? It sure is! I cannot hear what she’s doing, I’m so distracted by that sample. Blake says she’s his favourite on anybody else’s team. Miley says she’s a young Jennifer.

Two more, my two other favourites coming up.

My Chris is first up, Jennifer gives him “California Soul.” She cannot get rid of him. She just can’t. Don’t do it to me, Jennifer. Miley gives another on of those, “You’re perfect, why bother talking about it?” shrugs.

Noah, my third fave, is singing “In the Air Tonight,” and he brought in his own arrangement for the band. I think it starts too low, I don’t think he was on pitch in the rehearsal. Ah, much better in the performance. But I don’t know if this is the right song. Okay, he’s starting to let go, but he’s going up against some huge performances. And actually, seeing him sing, “I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life,” really rings true. Everyone is agreeing he belongs in the lives. Which means that she must choose my three favourites, Davon, Chris and Noah. There is no reason to go with anyone else. Not even with Lucas’ amazing performance.

Jennifer chooses chooses Davon first. This was a gimme. Next she chooses Noah. Yes! Now please, please choose Chris. Don’t screw this up, Jennifer. The four remaining artists thank her for everything, she bursts into tears, then ruins everything and chooses Shi’an. I mean, I knew that Chris and Davon were too much alike, but was hoping she would keep them both anyway. Thanks for breaking my heart, Jennifer.

Now on to Blake’s team. He starts with Red, whom I love. He’s singing “When Chiseled In Stone,” which is very classic country, which is what he sings and who he is. He sings it perfectly.

Chloe, Blake’s Knockout steal from Miley, is next. I don’t much care for her. She’s doing “Time After Time,” and here’s hoping she doesn’t completely ruin it. So far it’s not ruined, but I am very bored.

Natalie is Blake’s comeback artist, and he surprises her during an interview and tells her she’s not going anywhere until she plays the fiddle on The Voice! She sings “Callin’ Baton Rouge,” and does, in fact, play the fiddle, and is entirely awesome. I don’t recall her striking me particularly before, but I’m suddenly all about Natalie! Love watching her gesture with the bow. I sure hope Blake picks her. But I doubt he’d pick both her and Red, since they are both really traditional country. Maybe he would because one’s a dude and one’s a girl? Fingers crossed.

Esera is next, singing “How Do I Live.” He falls off a really high note, and Blake tells him to use his head voice instead of straining for it, and yes! Blake actually uses the term “head voice!” We have so much to thank you for already, Kelly Clarkson. Jennifer and Adam gently point out his pitchiness at the beginning, probably due to nerves, which will probably knock him out of the running.

Mitchell does “Heaven,” by Bryan Adams, lowers the pitch because he was having pitch problems. A lot of pitch problems on Blake’s Team. Mitchell is crazy pretty, it’s The Voice, but he could coast by on looks. Those are some big white veneers he’s got in his mouth. Jennifer thinks he should have been in a different key and it’s not her favourite performance of his, though she loves him. Miley likes it. Not a lot of enthusiasm.

His last artist is Keisha, the amazing black country singer, who sings “Love Can Build a Bridge.” Here’s the thing, he really cannot choose all three of his country artists, but his three country artists are his best. I don’t know what he’s going to do. However, this country song she is not singing in a country style, so that might get her through. Jennifer and Adam really want Blake to choose her. I think she’s got a really good chance.

I think that Red and Keisha are gimmes, I really really hope he chooses Natalie as well. And Blake starts by choosing Keisha! Not a surprise. And then Red! So far, I’m batting .1000, but please please please let me be right about Natalie, too. O God, he chooses Chloe. Why you do these things to me?

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