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The Voice S13/E16

The Playoffs Pt. 2

Tonight is Adam’s night, and it starts with him blindfolded and Blake taking him to see a giant billboard of himself as Sexiest Man Alive, which many of my friends object to, but I love Blake, so there.

Why does Coach Adam suddenly have a moustache in the coaching segments? Also, why does my iPhone not realize that moustache is a real way to spell moustache? I didn’t make it up, iPhone. You’re just so suspicious.

Bearded country Adam is Coach Adam’s first performer, and he sings “Have a Little Faith in Me,” and just stomps down and kills it. Jennifer makes that face that looks like she is in pain when she hears something she really loves. All the coaches love him. I think he will almost certainly go through, if for no other reason than that Coach Adam is always desperate to have a country artist.

Adam’s comeback artist is Whitney, who Adam would have stolen back if he had had a steal (she had started on Adam’s team and been stolen by Miley), so this way he gets to keep her in. I like her a lot. She’s singing “If it Makes You Happy.” I think it’s too low for her. She also thinks it’s too low, but I guess because it goes up so high later, it has to start that low. Like The Star Spangled Banner. Adam jumps in and plays drums in the rehearsal. I always think it’s so cute when he does that, but I’m sure the drummer in the band doesn’t agree with me. I hear a couple of pitch issues jumping from that very low beginning to the chorus, and frankly every time she sings the word “makes,” it sounds a little off to me. Blake thinks she had a lot of issues with the beginning of the song, Miley says it’s a really hard song. I don’t think she made it through.

Emily, whom I don’t like a bit, is singing “Lovesong,” and let’s hear if she can sound real. She says she wants it to sound cinematic, which of course means that she’s not going to sound real. She has a very nice voice but I literally can’t stand her. Don’t pick her, Adam. The other coaches want him to pick her. They are wrong.

Next is Anthony, whom I also am not too crazy about. He’s singing “Perfect,” by Ed Sheeran. They simplify the arrangement. He has a beautiful voice, but is just a blank, personality-wise.

John, whom I like a lot because he can really take the stage, is doing “When We Were Young,” by Adele. Remember when it was a big deal for men to sing women’s songs on this show? Not anymore! They put the key down half a step. Because he has always done big performances with lots of dancing in the past, this time he’s just standing still and singing gently. Is this a good idea? Turns out it is, because he is incredibly magnetic whether he is Michael Jackson-ing all over or not, it’s all about what is emanating from inside. He is absolutely going through.

Here is Addison, who is the last of my four favourite artists, who is going into my personal top three if Adam chooses her. And she’s singing “Angel From Montgomery,” which is one of my favourite songs of all time. Adam wants her to not do too much. She slays it. She will absolutely go through. The coaches all leap to their feet, they are all overwhelmed and tell Adam that he needs to pick her.

Addison, John and Adam. Coach Adam I think has the easier choice than Jennifer or Blake had yesterday, as three of his singers were great and three were okay, and there is enough of a difference between the top three to make a reasonably diverse team.

Adam chooses Addison first, yay!! My team is complete! And John is second, also yay. Now please, every other time I was wrong about the third, Adam has got to choose Adam. And he did! I was finally right about a team!

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