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The Voice S13/E11

The Knockouts Premiere

Kelly Clarkson is the on The Voice next season, so I guess Miley won’t be back, but I hope she’ll come back in the future, because she’s my favourite blonde girl coach.

Adam v Esera, Team Blake, both on my backups list. Adam - “Either Way,” Esera - “Superstar.” Adam is doing a ballad rather than an uptempo piece, he’s doing it for his family. Esera’s Mom is sick and he starts crying, then he sings the ever-loving fuck out of Superstar. I don’t think poor Adam stands a chance, but they are both doing very emotional songs and it depends on how they put that over. They both were excellent, but Esera just killed it hard. They are pretending that it’s a hard decision, all but Coach Adam who says Esera, and then so does Blake. But then Adam steals Adam! Because he loves getting country artists on his team.

Lucas v Shi'an, Team Jennifer, Shi'an is on my backup list. Lucas - “Tell it Like it Is,” he doesn’t want to go back to being a checkout guy at the supermarket. Shi'an - “Who’s Lovin’ You,” she’s doing it for her dad. Kelly is convincing her not to run every single second and maybe hold a note for a second. These are both super strong voices, I don’t know who is going to win. Lucas might have the edge because he’s older and has a little more control over his voice, but it’s a tight, tight race. Shi'an is holding out the occasional note, so that’s good. Man, it is super hard to choose, but Shi'an might have just clinched it with the very end of the song. Everybody thinks that she won, and so does Jennifer, though she hems and haws a bit. Bye Lucas, you are awesome.

Addison v Dennis, Team Adam, both his steals. Addison is on my team, though I love Dennis, too. Dennis, “All Along the Watchtower,” which he is doing partially because it’s a big guitar song, so he is pulling out the stops. Kelly suggests that because it’s called The Voice, he should propel his voice a little more. Addison, “Beneath Your Beautiful,” which is so much smaller than “All Along the Watchtower,” that I think it’s an uphill battle, but it’s a good song for her voice, she can’t do something gigantic when she isn’t that kind of singer. Kelly Clarkson talks about Addison’s head voice and I’m like finally, there is someone on this show not talking about women singing in falsetto, which makes them sound like idiots. She sings the hell out of it, but I don’t know if that can be enough against Jimi Hendrix. Blake would choose Addison, though he loved Dennis, Jennifer and Miley didn’t choose. And Adam chose Addison! I was surprised, because Dennis killed it, but I’m glad because she’s my girl.

Janice v Karli, Team Miley. Both on my team. Janice - “I’m Going Down.” She’s doing it for her husband. Kelly Clarkson makes all kinds of amazing faces while listening to her sing. Miley tells her to do different runs than Mary J. Blige does. Karli - “Blue Bayou.” I love this song and she’s singing the heck out of it, but she sounds like Minnie Mouse, even on the low notes. And I don’t know if it’s just me, but that sounded like a clunker at the end. I kind of think that Janice will mop the floor with her. And she does. Basically everyone says Karli, you are great, but Janice, you were amazing. And of course, Miley chooses her. There was no way she couldn’t have.

Davon v Eric, Team Jennifer. No actual reason to watch this, except that it’ll be awesome, but there is no suspense. Davon wins everything. Forever. Eric - “What’s Going On.” Eric is doing too many damn runs. Kelly and Jennifer tell him not to lose the actual title of the song, and maybe at one moment, sing it simple. Davon - “I Can Only Imagine,” which is a gospel song, so he’s directly in his wheelhouse. Kelly tells him not to change anything! Jennifer thinks it’ll be hard for her to decide. I am not under that impression. Eric is singing beautifully, but I don’t hear an emotional connection to the song. The Davon sings and I’m sure Eric is praying that someone will steal him. Adam says that Eric is a jazz singer from outer space. Davon wins, of course, because Jennifer isn’t crazy, and nobody steals Eric.

Ashland v Chloe, Team Miley. Neither of them are on my team, nice to not care, it’s late at night and I’m tired. Ashland - “Wanted Dead or Alive.” They are big impressed, Chloe is inspired to do Chloe times 10. Chloe- “Landslide.” Is she singing it in a weird accent? She sounds like Nico all of a sudden. Maybe it’s me, because everyone loves it, including Ashland, who was brought to tears. They both perform beautifully, but Chloe is wearing solid orange eyeshadow while singing in a weird accent and I am very distracted. I think I officially can’t stand her, so I hope she picks Ashland and there isn’t a steal. Blake would pick Chloe. Miley thinks Chloe is just like her, but maybe Ashland wouldn’t be more interesting to work with. And she picks Ashland, yay! Blake and Jennifer steal Chloe. They are both telling her that she could win, which can only mean that they have forgotten that Davon exists. She chooses Blake.

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