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The Voice S13/E13

The Knockouts Part 2

Episode 12 was a Best of the Season Show, so I’m not bothering with that.

Brooke v Stephan, Team Miley. Stephan is on my team, Brooke is a backup, Stephan was the one who messed up the beginning of his audition, and I’ve always loved him for powering through that. Brooke - “Natural Woman.” She’s doing it for her husband. Stephan is visibly overwhelmed watching Brooke rehearse, she has such a big voice. Kelly and Miley tell her to do less. Stephan - “Impossible.” They tell him to go half a step lower, which makes him sound more confident. Brooke performs and Jennifer gets that look on her face that she gets when she is seeing something that blows her mind, so if it comes to a steal situation, I think she’ll be in there. They are both terrific, both in voice and performance, but I think Stephan is taking it. Adam thinks that Brooke took it and she’ll be in the finale. Blake says that Stephan has that X factor. Jennifer says that the show is called The Voice and Brooke has The Voice. Miley chooses Brooke. No steal. Bye Stephan. Called that one wrong.

Anna Catherine v Mitchell, Team Blake. Neither on my team, literally don’t remember that either of them existed. Were they montage winners? Ah well, I don’t care enough to look back and see. She’s a country singer, he’s a southerner but not a country singer. Anna Catherine - “Breathe.” Blake talks about her falsetto, Kelly talks about her head voice. Blake. Listen to Kelly, Blake, you don’t call it a  falsetto when it’s sung by a woman. Mitchell - “I’ll Be.” Kelly asks him if he can go higher, Mitchell thinks that he already sang the highest notes he ever sang, but he does so. They are both good, but these are not the most magnetic singers of this competition. They sing, they sing well, but I’m still not that interested. Anna Catherine won, I think. Jennifer would choose Mitchell. Miley would choose Anna Catherine. Adam says that Mitchell had some pitch problems, but he’d still choose him. Blake chooses Mitchell. I’m batting 0%!

Jeremiah v Noah, Team Jennifer. Now, Noah is one of my Big Four (Davon, Chris, Addison and Noah), so I’m rooting for him big time. Noah - “Hold Back the River.” He starts out at the keyboards, then gets up and sings the rest on his feet away from the instrument. Kelly is brought to tears. Jennifer says she didn’t know he had that performance element. Kelly texts Blake that he is a big dumb dummy for letting Noah go in the Battle Round. Jeremiah - “Sorry.” Kelly and Jennifer tell him to enunciate and that he’s sexy. Jennifer says he has star power and I don’t see it. If he beats my boy Noah because I’m wrong every minute this episode, I’ll be pissed. It’s kind of the jock v the nerd, because Jeremiah is a high school wrestler, and Noah locks himself in his home studio and geekily makes music by himself. Miley would choose Noah and his pompadour, Adam says that Jeremiah is great, but Noah is a superstar, Blake says that Noah is the best in all of the Knockouts. Jennifer says that Jeremiah chose the wrong song, he’s too much a Bieber type to choose a Bieber song. Of course she picks Noah. Glad to be right!

Kathrina v Keisha, Team Blake. Kathrina - “Girl on Fire.” Kelly threw everything near her at Kathrina, she is Jennifer Mark II. Keisha - “I Hope You Dance.” These are both two huge voices, this is going to be an impossible decision by Blake. They both killed it. Possibly Keisha had a little more depth than Kathrina, but I could be wrong. Nobody really helps Blake by preferring one to the other. He chooses Keisha, and since Keisha is the reason he doesn’t have Noah, he is correct to double down on Keisha.

Montage? In the Knockouts? I do not agree with this.

Dylan v John, Team Adam. John - “Blame it on the Boogie,” and they didn’t even show a second of Dylan or say what his song was, so I can only assume that it was horrible. Poor Dylan.

Moriah v Whitney, Team Miley. Whitney is on my team, Moriah is a backup. Moriah - “Behind These Hazel Eyes,” which is, apparently, a Kelly Clarkson song. Moriah hits a crazy high note and Kelly tells her that she doesn’t hit that note anymore. Whitney - “Calling All Angels.” Whitney is great and I love her, but Moriah, i.e. Li’l Ann Wilson, is hard to beat. Adam refuses to choose. Blake would choose Moriah. Jennifer also would choose Moriah, though she said that she didn’t want Whitney’s song to ever end. Miley says that she must be stinking because she is sweating so hard. She chooses Moriah. Nobody steals Whitney, though Adam is sorry that he didn’t have a steal left to steal her with.

Adam v Emily, Team Adam. This Adam is on my team, the rocker with the long red hair, as opposed to the beardy country singer. There are too many Adams on this show. Adam - “Smoke on the Water.” Coach Adam wants him to take off the guitar and perform more. Kelly wants him to do a really big scream. Emily -  “Glitter in the Air.” A very different voice, very different style. Coach Adam wants her to feel more as opposed to just singing perfectly. This is a very chalk and cheese pairing. I don’t know why, but there is something about Emily I don’t like. Shes just a little too studied. She’s amazing, but I’d choose Adam. Blake would choose Emily, Jennifer would choose Adam, Miley doesn’t choose. Coach Adam chooses Emily, and Miley does a last second, almost off the stage steal! Yay!

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