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The Voice S13/E23

Top 10 Elimination

Some randos called Portrait of a Man sing some song or other. These elimination shows are so hard, since only the last ten minutes matter.

Now we have to listen to when the coaches knew their lives had changed. Blake’s is when his first record went gold, Jennifer’s is when she stepped on that cruise ship, so I guess she was a cruise ship singer, Adam’s was hearing his first single on the radio, Miley’s first song she ever wrote was Pink Isn’t a Color It’s an Attitude, and then her mother grounded her and she wrote a song called Evil Mother in the Dead of the Night, which is frankly pretty hilarious.

Okay, finally, to the important part, everyone charted, four hit the top ten (when they are in the top ten that means that the download votes are multiplied by five). Miley is dressed like Lola, who was a showgirl, not with yellow feathers in her hair and her dress cut down to there, but with enormous puffy pink sleeves, so maybe she’s actually more dressed as Anne Shirley. Brooke goes through, so I was 100% wrong about Amazing Grace being a bad song choice. Then my Addison, yay!

Commercial, then more saves, which is good, because that’s what we want. Keisha is saved, which I’m glad about because of the terrible nastiness that she’s been going through, though that does mean I was wrong about her song choice, too! Many things I have been confidently spouting I seem to have been mistaken about, I hope not all. Then my Noah, which I’m very glad about because that performance on Monday was not his best.

A bunch of Voice alums will be performing in Vegas, they shill to sell tickets. Chris Blue, who won Season 12, he was on Alicia’s team and now she’s managing him, and they show how well he’s doing. I liked him.

Okay, more saves, we still have Chloe, Red, Davon, Shi’an, Ashland and Adam. Chloe goes through, dammit. And then Contestant Adam! For the first time he wasn’t in the Bottom Two!!  The look on his face was amazing, and it was great to see how happy the other contestants were, even though it meant they were closer to having to sing for their lives themselves! I’m glad, but this does mean that either Davon, who is on my team, or Red, who is my fave not on my team, will be in he bottom three, since two are leaving this week. I sure hope those two are Ashland and Shi’an, even though that was my favourite Shi’an performance, I definitely want her to go over Red and Davon.

Now the winner of Season 4, Danielle Bradbury, sings a song. It’s alumni day, it seems.

Okay, last four, we need to find who the bottom three are. Davon will definitely go through, it is impossible to imagine he won’t. What? It’s Red! Now I love Red, but how the hell can my Davon possibly be in the Bottom Three? HOW CAN DAVON BE IN DANGER OF GOING HOME? You have been EXTREMELY disappointing, America, in the past year and a half, this would be the goddamn cherry on the Charlotte Russe, don’t test me.

Ashland sings “Tonight I Want to Cry.” Perfectly acceptable, but not a great choice to be saved, as it seems such a throwaway.

Shi’an sings “At Last,” and the first note is weird, and she hit a clunker at the end of the first phrase. It seems too low. And she’s back to oversinging. That was truly terrible. Jennifer can’t push too hard for votes, since Davon is also on her team.

Davon sings “Ain’t No Way,” and he doesn’t start out that well, but then he starts crushing it under his heel. Now that (minus he beginning) was how you sing for your life.

It starts out with Davon at 51%, Ashland at 38% and Shi’an at 11%, and frankly, how it starts is how it finishes, with that big a lead, so it seems that the East coast viewers who are voting have not gone mad. It’s Shi’Ann? I’ve been spelling it wrong all this time? Sorry about that.

I’d say of course Davon went through, except that since he is in the Bottom Three, there is no of course. But he did, thank goodness, and Ashland and Shi’Ann are gone.

I don’t want any of this nonsense next week. Three are being eliminated, and those three had damn well better be Brooke, Adam and Keisha, or we will Have Words, America. 

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