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The Voice S13/E25

Live Semi-Finals Elimination

Of the eight artists, four are going to the finals, and four are being kicked to the curb. America. Do the right thing.

They are choosing a top three, getting rid of the bottom two, then the middle three sing for their lives, and I actually know who they are because for ONCE I finally remembered to check who they were and tweet to save.

First one going through to the finals is, fucking Chloe. Good God. What is this complete nonsense. 

Randos singing. Nobody wants randos singing. Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors, and Bebe Rexha sing a song called Home. Whatevs.

More about Chris Blue. Look, I like him, but now is not the time.

Okay, choosing another person, this is the important part. And it’s my Addison!!!! Yes!!!!!

One down, two to go, of my personal team. Red, sorry, I can’t root for you anymore, I have to concentrate on Noah and Davon.

Jennifer sings a song. She is in a white strapless evening gown, a white fur coat, and she’s barefoot. Okay. She sounds amazing, of course.

Okay, last choice. Come on now. Fuck. It’s Brooke. I know what that means, because I know who the middle three are.

They show a behind the scenes trailer of The Greatest Showman. I don’t care! Wait, yes I do, that looks awesome.

Okay, not exactly randos, former Voice contestants who are going to be performing in Vegas. But still. Actually, this is kind of great.

The three who are singing for their lives are Adam, Noah and Red. Which means that the best performer on the show, Davon, isn’t going to the finals. I’m so mad at you, America. Also Keisha, but that’s what I expected. Practically the only thing I expected that actually happened. I mean, really.

So, like I said, I actually remembered to look at the app and tweet my vote this time, for the first time, for Noah, but I voted blind, no idea what people actually sang. If Noah doesn’t go through, Jennifer won’t have a performer in the finals, and she started out with the strongest team.

Red sings “Dixieland Delight.” He’s going super traditional country. Adam sings “Here’s a Quarter, Call Someone Who Cares.” Noah sings “Sign of the Times.” At first I thought it was going to be Prince’s “Sign O’ the Times,” but as he started, I was like, that is a different song. I looked it up, it’s by Harry Styles, which makes sense, as that’s the career he wants. He hit a couple of clunkers.

I think I’m not going to peek at the onscreen result percentages, it’s such a temptation, but it completely spoils the ending, because basically how it starts is how it finishes.

Okay, here we go. The fourth finalist is Red. I’m not sorry, I love Red, but I’m very disappointed to lose Noah. Okay, at least now I’m having only one team member left, I have only one person to root for, and that’s Addison.

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