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The Voice S13/E17

The Playoffs Pt. 3

Last day of the Playoffs! Tonight we are doing Miley’s team, starting with Brooke, who is singing “This is a Man’s World.” Miley tells her to not be so runny at the beginning, and to let her personality shine through. Audiences don’t love a voice, they love a person. She stomps the song into the ground. Adam says few people on earth, maybe Jennifer, could have sung that song like that. She’s a gimme. Everyone has been saying since day one that she’s going to the finals, so she’s certainly going to the lives.

Karli is Miley’s comeback artist, love Karli, great choice, Miley! I mean, it doesn’t seem that a comeback artist is anything but getting to sing one more time, because none of them have gone through, but it’s still nice to give them one more song. She’s singing “Coat of Many Colors,” which is very sweet, because Dolly is Miley’s godmother, so her choosing this song for Karli is special. And she’s singing it beautifully. Adam says he would totally keep her based on this performance.

Adam the long-haired rocker is next, doing “Love Hurts.” Has he done any Journey on this show? He’s a total Steve Perry sound-alike. Miley tells him he’s great, but I just heard “Goodbye, thanks for coming!”

Ashland, Miley’s country singer is next, singing “When I Think About Cheating.” The highest note in the song is right at the top of her range and she’s a little afraid of it. This really wasn’t that impressive, I didn’t like the song much. Adam said it was a beautiful, incredible, unique, amazing performance, but I really didn’t hear it. Everyone is falling all over themselves complimenting her, I can only assume it was one of those things where it felt different in the room.

Moriah, another one of my faves, only just out of my top three, Li’l Ann Wilson. She’s singing “World Without You.” She doesn’t know if she should play her guitar or not because she doesn’t want to look like she’s hiding behind it. Miley tells her to it’s not hiding, it’s her instrument. So she plays her guitar and shreds it, because she is also Li’l Nancy Wilson. Blake says she has to move on to the lives. I also believe this thing.

Janice is next, another one of my favourites, and, before even seeing what she is going to sing, I’m saying she’s a gimme. She’s singing “Fall For You.” She could sing the phone book, it doesn’t matter. She is such a star. Everyone falls over their own tongues telling her how great she is.

Okay, Brooke and Janice are gimmes, no question, the third slot should go to Moriah, but Karli was amazing, so I am torn. I wasn’t crazy about Moriah’s song choice.

Miley first chooses Brooke, then Janice, which I typed before she actually did it, it was that obvious. The last one isn’t so obvious. And she chose Ashland. What the hell. Well, she wanted a country singer. Stop saying her-story, Miley. And get down on your knees and apologize to Moriah and Karli.

The Voice S13/E17

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