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The Voice S13/E19

Live Top 12 Elimination

I missed the instant save! Very annoyed, I should have gotten a notification on my phone, since it’s when the show airs in the east coast, though it does spoil who the bottom two will be, and I have to vote by whom I like most and not by the actual performance, I didn’t even get to do that and help save someone. Ah well, I get a surprise this week, at least.

First performer saved, my girl Addison! Yay! But who the hell is it in the makeup department on The Voice who is so mad about putting orange/red colours as lid eyeshadow on these pale blondes? Chloe had orange a couple of weeks ago, red yesterday, and today Addison has dark pink, and every time it has looked they have had terrible encounters with pointed sticks. But yay, Addison!

Next save is my boy Noah! So they are taking care of Team Kymm right up at the top, thanks NBC!

Next save is Chloe, whatevs. At least she is wearing beige eyeshadow, which normally isn’t my fave, but I’ll take it over bleeding from the eyes.

First group song of the season, Jennifer and her team, Davon, Noah and Shi’an singing “Let it Be.” It suits Noah best, though everyone sings well, of course. Jennifer is wearing an amazing blue sparkly dress that is cut high enough that we could practically check how well she waxed.

Team Miley all wears big earrings, because that’s Janice’s thing, so they clearly have started styling the rest of them that way to make them seem cohesive, but Miley’s earrings tonight are bigger than her head and it’s actually silly.

Next save is Brooke, then Keisha, which means that everyone on Blake’s Team has gone through but Red, who is the best on his team, and you had better not have fucked this up, America.

Maroon 5 sings their new hit song, “What Lovers Do,” in a bunch of pink and blue light, like some sort of psychedelic baby shower. These results shows are so boring.

Pitch Perfect 3 made a music video with the Top 12, it’s very cute. They sing about five or six songs all mashed together, and Anna Kendrick sure must have used half a roll of boob tape to keep that jacket from slipping a nip.

Next save is Shi’an, so the last unsaved from Team Jennifer is Davon, which is ridonkulous. Then Janice, which means that the last from Team Miley is Ashland, which at least makes sense.

Miley, in addition to wearing Hula Hoops as earrings, also wears a dress that looks like a deflated Macy’s Thanksgiving balloon, so that’s festive.

Team Blake sings “If it Will, It Will,” so that’s Blake, Red, Chloe and Keisha.

Last five are Ashland, Davon, John, Adam and Red. If there is any justice at all, Botton Two will be Ashland and Adam, and Ashland will go.

Next save is my Davon, at last! Team Kymm is complete! And then the next save is Ashland? What the hell is wrong with you, America? Don’t you dare let Red be in the Bottom Two! Phew! He is the next save. So the Bottom Two is Jon and Adam, both from Team Adam. I have no real problem with this. If I were voting blind, I’d probably had chosen Adam, as I really like him as a rule.

Contestant Adam sings “Fortunate Son,” which is a great choice. Great song and perfect for his voice. Coach Adam tells him he’s great, but of course he can’t say, “America, you must vote for him!” because he has the other Bottom Two guy, too. Jon sings “I Want You Back,” and he is quite a performer, but I don’t think that he sang it in as interesting a manner than he performed it, but I think he’s going to win. And I just realized I’ve been spelling his name wrong all this time, sorry Jon!

They have the results at the bottom of the screen during the commercials, which have stayed Adam 55%/Jon 45% this whole time. Wait! It just changed to Adam 54%/Jon 46%, and then didn’t move anymore. If it is staying that level for the whole commercial break, I think Contestant Adam will win, which is good because it is my choice. And he did! Yay! I don’t mind that Jon left, he was definitely in my bottom several, but this Ashland nonsense cannot continue.

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