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The Voice S13/E20

Live Top 11 Performances

Janice, Team Miley, “Shine.” Apparently, this week the fans have chosen the songs. Hopefully they won’t pick anything stupid. Miley gets goosebumps on her thighs and says Her-Story again. She sings it and I normally love her, but I didn’t care for what she did with the song. Adam, on the other hand, says that normally he doesn’t like the song, but he loved her version, so I guess it depends on whether you liked the original recording.

Red, Team Blake, “The Dance.” His old dad had taken his first plane ride to see Red in LA, which is, of course, adorbs. He’s sure to stay in one more week, as they couldn’t vote him out in front of his old dad who just took his first plane ride, now could they? He sings it very simply and doesn’t try to create a new way to sing the song, he just sings the song as it is and it’s perfect.

Shi’an, Team Jennifer, “Listen,” which is from Dreamgirls. It’s either the second or third Dreamgirls song this season. The show is really pushing “Dreamgirls.” Not entirely certain why they have this 15-year-old singing this song while sitting on a bench, dressed like somebody’s grandma. I have said my say about Shi’an’s oversinging many times, no reason to re-iterate.

Adam, Team Adam, “American Girl.” They talk about how he was instantly saved last week. I totally approve of Tom Petty. Try not to have any big errors this week, dude! So far he’s kind of killing it.

Brooke, Team Miley, “What About Us.” They kept teasing this as having to do with her heritage, and I was like, what Native American Song is there? It can’t be Half-Breed, that just would not be appropriate is any way. But instead they took this song and put Native drums behind her, which worked very well. They made an extremely weird choice to have an unseen backup singer sing harmony with her for the whole song, it seemed less like she was a solo artist and more like a duo that for some reason, the camera never caught a shot of the other artist. I don’t know if it sold her that well, but it sure sold the backup singer, who had no trouble keeping up with Brooke. And kindly don’t tell m that was her pre-recorded self she was listening to.

My Davon, Team Jennifer, “I Have Nothing.” Davon doing a Whitney Huston song is a match made in heaven. If I’m not mistaken, he might even be doing it in Whitney’s key. Perfection.

Ashland, Team Miley, “Chicken Fried.” Generally I am not nuts about her, but I do like this song a lot. Okay Ashland, I won’t be hoping you’ll be kicked off this week. Miley is so thrilled, she talked to wardrobe about putting red white and blue fringe on Ashland’s costume, and the set is covered with bales of hay. I can’t quite tell what they are hinting at with all this, is she an opera singer? Acid rock? Give me a hint! Adam gives Ashland an A+ for the performance and the audience an F- for their terrible clapping along. It was not good. Then Miley talks about the fringe some more. She is really into this fringe. It’s good fringe  

My Addison, Team Adam, “A Case of You.” I entirely approve, what a perfect song choice. Also, I entirely approve of the baby blue glitter eyeshadow also pulled under her eyes as eyeliner. Jennifer says that she doesn’t care if Addison is on Adam’s Team, she wants everyone to vote for her.

Keisha, Team Blake, “It Matters to Me.” They start out with her talking on the phone to a fan and then talking about screaming fans, and I feel like they are really trying to convince us that she is popular and has fans. They are talking about fans in the other packages, but it just feels like they are pushing it more. Sometimes you have to read between the lines with this show. She’s singing great, but I am distracted by her nude gloss lipstick, which I don’t think is at all becoming. I know, it’s The Voice, not The Makeup, but, to quote Keisha and Faith Hill, It Matters to Me.

My Noah, Team Jennifer, “Electric Love.” He immediately says that he has an idea. He tells the musical director that he wants to keep to percussion and strings as much as possible, and he says that they can get a string quartet, and Noah bounces like a kitten. I love how he is this sooper nerdy arranger in addition to being a performer with a big pompadour.

Chloe, Team Blake, Total Eclispe of the Heart.” Can we please get rid of Chloe? Ashland, my other least favourite performer kind of killed it this week with the fringe, so it’s Chloe’s time. I type this as Blake is saying what a huge star she is going to be. I know, Blake, whatevs. Holy cats, what the hell is she wearing? It’s as though her torso was attacked by spiders and her legs were attacked by moths. And why does she have silver glitter teardrops under her eyes? She looks like the ringmaster in a goth circus. Blake says that Chloe just set the bar for front runners in this competition. Do you mean set it really low? I guess we’ll find out soon enough!

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