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The Voice S13/E21

Top 11 Elimination

I need to watch this fast because I’m a week late and the new show is tonight and I can’t watch it if I don’t watch this and find out who got kicked off!

Starting with tiresome old Chloe safe, she hit number one on the iTunes chart apparently. Then my Addison safe, yay! She was #2 in the iTunes singles chart.

Now, because they have to waste time, they are having Miley and her team sing “Man, I Feel Like a Woman” and they are all dressed in leopard print like Shanaya was in the video, and I have changed my mind, this isn’t a waste of time one little bit, it might be the best thing ever to be on television. Especially bald and fabulous Janice rockin’ that leopard print and those high heels strutting all over that stage.

Next saves, Brooke, then my Davon, yay!

Adam sings with his team, no idea why he is bothering, since it won’t be “Man, I Feel Like a Woman,” but I’m sure it’ll be fine. It’s “Go Your Own Way,” but really only Contestant Adam pulled off, as it started off too low for Addison, then her voice kind of got lost in all the guitars, and Coach Adam just isn’t that great a singer, especially when he’s not singing in falsetto, and that is the correct use of the word falsetto, Blake.

Next saves, Red, hooray! And my Noah! So my whole team is safe, and Red, who is not officially in my team, but I keep voting for him anyway.

Now Blake sings his own song, “I’ll Name the Dogs,” with Jennifer. Aw, I really like this song! It’s clearly a song proposal to Gwen, and since we, The Voice audience, have watched that relationship since the very start, we are very invested. This is a really good song. I hope you said yes, Gwen! We miss you at church!

Left over so far are Keisha, Janice, Adam, Shi’an and Ashland. I think Adam and Ashland really killed it last night, I didn’t like Janice’s number, but I love Janice. I’m fine if Keisha or Shi’an go. And the next save is Ashland, then Keisha (they said she was number #2 on the country chart, so no real surprise there), then Shi’an, so Janice and Adam are the bottom two. Okay, I missed the actual vote, so if I had been on the ball, I probably would have voted for Janice, though I do love Adam, Janice is just such a fierce beast, I don’t want her to go.

Contestant Adam sings “Amazed,” and he is just leaving everything on the stage. I have no doubt that Janice will do the same. And she’s singing “Chandelier,” so there is kind of no doubt, as that song is a barn burner. And it doesn’t matter how good Adam was, which was really good, Janice is ruling the universe, currently. Miley and Janice are weeping at each other.

My God, they show how the tweets are going and Adam has 62% and Janice has 38%. I am truly surprised. America, what is wrong with you? I mean, I love Adam too, but Janice is a goddess. More sobbing from Miley and Janice. Coach Adam says that they are both amazing and that talent can’t be judged on a talent competition. And, as we all knew from the percentages, Adam went through. So sad to say goodbye to Janice.

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